and/OAR is a publisher and retailer of some of the finest sound art in the world.
Please visit the and/OAR Diffusion Shop to directly purchase physical format
audio and visual releases.

Here in its 13th year of operation, and/OAR is now searching for substantial
funding in order to: 1) continue providing high quality sound art presentation,
2) expand its focus into presenting rare film soundtracks and re-issue other
hard-to-find music within and/OAR's specific range of interest, 3) eventually
expand operations to include performances and/or listening events, and 4) afford
to move into a bigger dedicated space to run operations, and replace
much-needed equipment (computer, scanner, printer and software).

Despite the recent trend toward non-physical format music and vinyl records,
and/OAR remains steadfast in its dedication to preserving sonic history on
glass-mastered compact discs for collectors, archivists, public libraries and
others with a deep and open-minded interest in sound. If you are in a position to
help, your kind generosity would be deeply appreciated!

Dale Lloyd
(and/OAR founder and operator)
*Please Note:
Since PayPal will only receive donations up to a certain amount, they can also be
sent via a secured courier service like DHL, UPS, FedEx or your postal service to:

Dale K. Lloyd
800 Jefferson Street  #1512
Seattle, Washington

and/OAR is not currently an official Non-Profit organization.
Depending on the contribution, donors are eligible to receive gifts from the
and/OAR Diffusion Shop, and/or opt to receive copies of upcoming publications
(and special editions). Donors would also be given credit on the website and
future releases. If you have any questions, please send a message to the e-mail
address found on the Contact page of the website.