Bertrand Gauguet: Shiro

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Bertrand Gauguet: acoustic & amplified alto saxophone

“I began this work in 2011 during my residence at Villa Kujoyama in Kyôto.”

Recorded by Augustin Muller, mixed by Augustin Muller, edited by Bertrand Gauguet.

“…the other Herbal International release, (is) by Betrand Gauguet, who plays acoustic and amplified alto saxophone and works with the realms of improvisation. Here, however, solo, and in various pieces he offers a combination of both ends. In a piece like ‘Yügen’ he keeps the feedback very much under control, humming neatly like sine waves, and on top Gauguet plays long sustaining sounds. It sounds very meditative; it also reminds me of Alvin Lucier long string pieces. It’s followed by ‘Bloc Noir’, a much shorter piece, but according to the cover ‘acoustic’ but effectively along similar lines, which I thought was great. Gauget creates something from both ends, acoustic and amplified, and unites them. When Gauguet uses a guitar amp, such as in ‘Sabi’, things become more noise based, and Gauguet is a one-man Borbetomagus. It’s the only loud bit on this release, as the other seven pieces are much quieter and much more atmospheric. But such a noisy counterpoint is actually quite nice; it breaks up the release and avoids repetition too much. This is an excellent release of saxophone music.” (Frans De Waard – Vital Weekly)

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Herbal International

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Concrete Disc – 1405