Game Of Patience: Trial And Error


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Yong Yandsen: saxophone
Darren Moore: drums and percussion
Brian O’Reilly: contrabass and electronics

Game Of Patience is one of the few groups in South East Asia region dedicated solely to the creation of free improvised music. Unconstrained by any given tradition, they draw influence and techniques from both the Asian and Western experimental music traditions. Performing with a focused intensity complimented by mercurial group interplay, they create sharp sweeping shards of improvised noise-jazz, creating textures combining extended techniques and electronics with elements of free jazz, electroacoustic composition and free improv.

Track List:

Recorded by Lynette Quek at the CHOPPA Experimental Music Festival, Singapore, 22 January 2015

2  Fukuoka
Recorded by GOP at New Combo Jazz Club, Fukuoka Japan, 16 June 2014

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Recording Label

Herbal International

Catalog Number

Concrete Disc 1503