Artist: Andrea Borghi
Title: Selected Works: 2001 - 2006
Catalog Number: and.p32
Release Year: 2008
Format: MP3
Status: Not  Available

Track List:
01. Magi
02. Ombam
03. Gravite
04. Untitled
05. Sonoraichi
06. Conica
07. Astrale
08. Crox
NOTE: This release is being considered for a possible (small edition) CD
re-issue in the future. Feedback in favor of this idea would be appreciated.

Andrea Borghi is an Italian sound artist who creates electronic music using
his own Max/MSP software for real-time sound treatments, and he often
performs within an audio/visual context. Andrea graduated from the National
Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and studied electronic music, piano and
composition at the Giacomo Puccini Music Conservatory in La Spezia.
Andrea's work has also been exhibited at galleries in Italy, France and

Andrea also has a track featured on the a/O online homage project for
Michelangelo Antonioni entitled "Translations Of Opacity" (
and.p33 ), which
was intended to be an online counterpart to the double CD release entitled
"Trilogy And Epilogue" (
and/36 ).