Track List:

01. Sama' 1 (Dusk)

The first of two recordings made in Taman Negara, Malaysia; this one was
made at dusk.

"After a 4 hour boat trip into the jungle, we walked for about 1.5 hours to
reach the hide where we spent the night. As it got darker, it started to rain.
This then developed into a huge tropical rain. The recording was made
outside the hide, as the sun was setting. Throughout the recording, the rain
became heavier and eventually subsided, after which the jungle came alive
again."  - Jarra
Artist: Jarra
Title: Sama' 1
Catalog number: and/3
Release Year: 2002
Format: CDR / WAV / AIFF / FLAC / MP3 / Etc.
Status: sold out / download available via and/CAMP

Vital Weekly  (October 2002)
This is Jarra's second disc of environmental works. Or rather: work.
His first one, reviewed in Vital Weekly 296, was a collection of silences,
recorded around the world. Here, on his new release, he has one piece of
unprocessed environmental recording, recorded in Malaysia. The sunset
comes in at 19:00 and while it gets darker, it starts to rain, gradually
developing into a tropical rain. We hear insects and other animals of the
jungle, and the rain pouring on the hide, where Jarra is with his recording
equipment. When the rain is getting less, the animals come back and the
jungle is ready for the night. In all it's simpleness, an effective recording,
which is a true beauty to hear throughout. It's a composition by all means, a
lively one for that matter, with subtle changes, head and tail. Nature
composes it's own music. All we have to do is sit right there and register it's
composition. It takes two good ears to do so. Jarra has these ears,
fortunately! One of the better works in soundscaping I heard recently.
(Frans de Waard)

(original cover of CDR release)