Endless Scenery
Digital video by Richard Garet (2006).
What is the sound of 21st Century Folk Music?
A workshop and performance event withJohn Grzinich and others.
Tomoko Sauvage & E.Rébus Performance
Tomoko Sauvage & E.Rébus (Emmanuel Rébus) live at Le 108 / Orléans, October 11, 2008.
A session at an abandoned papermill in Huizingen, Belgium with Michael Northam, Constantin
Dubois, Aurélie Brouet, and Sachiyo Honda.
Portrait Of A Sounding Object
Location sound action recorded by JGrzinich with Yannick Dauby and Wan-Shuen Tsai in Mooste,
Estonia (summer 2007). They used contact microphones to record sounds from the water tank.
untitled / sin titulo
A short film by Jorge Simonet with music by Francisco Lopez.
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