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Billy Gomberg (b 1979, Chicago) is a musician and video artist living in Brooklyn, New York. His studio practice incorporates analog synthesis, digital treatments, acoustic recordings and custom programming that gives rise to electronic sound caught gazing at its own physicality, acoustics in love with their own abstraction.

Billy’s debut CD release displays abstract and complex dimensions of texture and tone that might make more sense at first on a subconscious level before it will on a conscious one. Therefore, it is advised to first approach this music from a pure listening standpoint, free from preconceived notions of musical structure and form since it can defy such prosaic logic.

“These tracks are the start of my working toward a more immediate sound – improvisation w/software, real-time construction of the sound material and structure, taking priority. While some material comes from software in real-time, all other sound was generated by Roland Juno synthesizers, plus a few tracks incorporate my voice. Post-production editing and treatment were mostly employed to find the clearest expression of my improvisations and shape them into more conventional ‘tracks’ or ‘songs.’ When improvising in this style, I do have a sense of trying to find a ‘song,’ and letting that take me somewhere else.

Somewhat more abstractly – where was I when I started this work – a good portion of this album was started just after I moved to Brooklyn in 2005.  Risking cliché, this is raw sound, a discovery of style (or a total lack of it).  I just make music, it’s a space between the listener and myself. In this way, sound is ‘simple’ – it’s presence as we listen gives it expression, our listening finds its language.” (Billy Gomberg)

Billy has exhibited or performed in New York, Boston, Providence, London, Lisbon, Graz, and Zurich to name a few, plus he was one of the artists featured at the first and/OAR label showcase event during February of 2009.

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