Civyiu Kkliu & Ilya Monosov: Cartolina Postale


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Civyiu Kkliu: 1 Metal plate, blank vinyl record and turntable.
Ilya Monosov: 3 toothpicks and a music box.

“The recording features Ilya working with a music box and toothpicks and Civyiu Kkliu with blank vinyl and a metal object. Regarding the specifics of the sound piece… Ilya and I came up with the concept for this release and did a series of improvisations for it in California (2002)… We did this improvisatory work together (not by mail, etc).’ Civyiu Kkliu picked up the project again in 2006 working on variations on the card design and layout. Tthe duration and nature of the work corresponds to the small / intimate / charged space of a postcard. Postcards as artifacts of place / time / memory / distance / immediate impressions, etc.These elements frame the work in subtle dynamic ways with an immediate and lasting reference of one another.”  (Civyiu Kkliu)

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Wind Measures Recordings

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