Denis Tricot & Eric Cordier: Orgue De Bois


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“In the last few years, with their ‘Orgue de Bois’ (‘Wooden Organ’), Denis Tricot and Eric Cordier have installed constructions which are at the same time sculpture and musical instrument in many public spaces. Each ‘Wooden Organ’ is unique, conceived for the space that will receive it. A monument, a square, a street, a city… With it’s long undulating wooden lines (successions of joined slats), it creates privileged spaces which are exposed to the public eye. After a performance, the audience is free to explore and discover the instrument’s vast potential for musical sounds and noises. More than thirty Wooden Organs have been created in the last four years in France and Italy. Generally around thirty metres long, these monumental yet extremely light sculptures integrate in their construction the basic  principles of lutherie (instrument-building), and can be played like any string or percussion instrument. The Wooden Organ is very simply amplified. The recordings, like the concerts, use no electronic processing, but the monumental instrument itself intentionally contains principles of mechanical  resonance and vibration.”  (Prêle)

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