Maurizio Bianchi & Siegmar Fricke: Stroma-Konkret


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Extra heavy fusion of industrial noise and musique concrète, this exclusive collaboration unites forces of two legendary musicians who witnessed the roots of the early industrial music movement.

“An electroacoustic ploughing is macerating our reflective horizons: Stroma~Konkret is its romantic name, but the spectroscopic effect is valiantly spiritual. The outcome of this rarefied and perturbed project is stirring with its germinative disarticulation and its contrasting caution… A plenty sense of paroxysm is troubling the conscientiousness while an expiatory framework instructs some stromatic predilections. It is a concrete soundness to reutilize the simplified trembling of human vicissitudes. May we triturate the scientific truths with a probative logic? Stroma~Konkret extirpates the shrunk bitumen from our weathertight self-injury as the exiguous coenaesthesia mixes again a reformative naivety.”  (Maurizio Bianchi)

“These compositions ‘cellular-organelles’  took place inside the spheroid surroundings of hydrophilic microfloras in the course of the radiometric age 2006. We, the concrete operators, continuously analysed stromal loops by vehement freeze-fracture observations and autothrophic microfillaments. The aqueously phytoplanctonic sub-structure of this ‘symphony nebulitique’  characterizes the terminal exhumation of cryphonectric ferro- chelatase. Constant research by isolelectric focusing on ultra-microscopic events led to the one and only nuclearencoded aim: the sphaerialic polymetamorphose of stromatic plastocyanin.”  (Siegmar Fricke)

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