Rodolphe Alexis & Stephane Rives: Winds Doors Poplars


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Soprano saxophone: Stephane Rives
Field recordings & editing: Rodolphe Alexis

Wind Doors Poplars is an experimental composition project initiated by Rodolphe Alexis. It brings together materials ruled by different natures and approaches. First, the pre-existing ‘recorded sounds’: field recordings collected over a year and set as a frame for composition. Then the “given sounds”: a minimalist improvised instrumental gesture by Stephane Rives, bearing his distinctive solo signature. This material was recorded as a “Reminicence”, with absolutely no connection to the above-mentioned sonic framework. The compositional stage was an attempt to reinstate our elementary listening process towards both sets of sounds, in a broad perspective that questions the very act of listening and the mechanism of improvisation. This  is not a “musical” project in the classical sense, in which we would have sought to skillfully and effectively bring together separate textures. Each element exists independently, within its own register and raw power. This new syntax can, indeed, generate a listening shift towards a new territory.”  (Stephane Rives & Rodolphe Alexis)

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Herbal International

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Concrete Disc 1401