Stephen Vitiello With Eighth Blackbird: untitled


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A collaboration between American sound artist Stephen Vitiello and the Grammy award winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird.
Molly Alicia Barth: flutes
Michael J. Maccaferri: clarinets
Matt Albert: violin & viola
Nicholas Photinos: cello
Matthew Duvall: percussion
Lisa Kaplan: piano
Stephen Vitiello: mixing, processing & field recordings
“This project started with a commission from Eighth Blackbird and Ben Broening to create a multi channel composition for the University Of Richmond’s Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival. I wrote out a set of instructions for each musician and recorded them separately from the rest of the group. The first sessions with Molly, Michael, Nick and Lisa. I started to work with their sounds, layering, processing, adding and eliminating elements until I found something that felt musical and spatial.
The instructions were simple:, play a pattern of 3 notes, play the sound of an animal, etc. interpretation was wide open. Molly played the sound of a charging baby boar on her flute. Lisa played a short pattern on the piano that I used over and over again. following the premiere of ‘rush,’ I did another session with matthew and matt. this resulted in ‘one violin.’ From there I just kept on going with the sounds I had recorded to produce the rest of the  record.”   (Stephen Vitiello)

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