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Continuing onward with the new mOAR division of and/OAR, we next have Yuki Kaneko’s Rut, a beautiful sparkling kaleidoscopic homage to the common wonders of day to day life, which displays this young composer’s already great talent for subtly weaving together complex textures of electronic and acoustic sound sources into cleverly abstract melodic musings.

A first “draft” or version of Rut was released on Magic Book Records in Japan a few months prior. This version is remastered and remixed (with one new track) which improves the flow and heightens the emotive dynamics of the entire release. Needless to say, and/OAR is quite pleased to present this version of Yuki Kaneko’s debut solo album which is limited to 300 copies (the Magic Book version was issued at 500 copies).

Yuki Kaneko is a sound artist based in Tokyo. Since 2001 Yuki has been involved with acoustic sound design, soundtracks for various stage productions, sound installations, and he runs his own CDR label called PhaseRubRec. One of Yuki’s projects (hum) was featured in Improvised Music From Japan 2009 magazine/CD x 3.

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