catalog number: moar.p31
artist: GOGOOO
title: À Côté
format: WAV / AIFF / FLAC / MP3 / Etc.

1. Ça Sera Là
2. Tu, Endormis
3. Le Village, Il Fait Noir
4. Petite Chose
5. Petit Squelette
6. Diary
7. Dérive
8. L'ombre
9. Il Est Parti

The first MP3 release on the mOAR subdivision of and/OAR is
one hazy mysterious daydream of an album from French
sound artist Gogooo (
Gabriel Hernandez). Perhaps if
Ingmar Bergman, François Truffaut and Andrei Tarkovsky
met for tea to discuss a possible collaboration on a short
film, this might be what it could possibly sound like?

Produced by Gabriel Hernandez and Dale Lloyd

All sounds by Gabriel Hernandez except on tracks:
2: harp and voice by
Félicia Atkinson
4: wind chimes and additional sounds by Dale Berning
5: voice and electric guitar by Félicia Atkinson
6: guitar by Paw Grabowski
8: field recording by Jez Riley French,
wind chimes by
Dale Berning
EARLABS   (February)
As meticulous with the artwork and packaging as he is
with the music that he releases, Dale Lloyd has always
strived to operate a topnotch, accessible music label.
He’s steadfast and unequivocal about the two-fold
commission of and/OAR: Firstly, release “unique and
interesting environmental recordings and various kinds
of avant-garde sound art that somehow utilizes
environmental recording or recordings.” Secondly, make
these sound works “as affordable as possible so that as
many people as possible can afford to buy and listen to
it.” The arrival of the new mOAR sublabel is one more
tool committed to not only achieving these goals, but
also aimed broadening the scope of and/OAR to
encompass other interesting and comparable genres of
electronic/experimental music.

When it’s done well and you can tell that it all comes
from the heart, there’s something quite satisfying about
listening to music that has been digitally sculptured from
a sonic palette of environmental recordings, electronic
sounds, music samples, and real instruments. Gabriel
Hernandez‘s À Côté definitely fits this description.
Consisting of nine compositions, the track lengths range
from just under one minute to approaching six minutes.
As a whole, À Côté delivers a rich collection of skillfully
textured and varied sound works while, individually,
each composition stands on its own, conveying its own
distinctive aural message. Whether it be the wavering
drone, subtly twittering electronics, and brittle noises of
Ca Sera Là, the pastoral environmental recordings
melding with Paw Grabowski’s gentle acoustic guitar
playing on diary, or the every so fragile mesh of wind
chimes and field recordings on L’ombre, each song has
an intimate story to pass on. Especially poignant are Tu,
Endormis and Petite Squelette which contain some
restrained sensual vocals by Félicia Atkinson amongst
the hazy ambiance of real instruments and
environmental sounds.

For anyone who appreciates the artistry involved in
blending environmental recordings, real instrumentation,
and digital sounds/processing or to anyone that
appreciates the and/OAR aesthetic and its tangents in
general, I‘d recommend visiting the Klicktrack website
and downloading À Côté in its entirety (along with the
beautiful cover/artwork) for a very reasonable cost. For
those that are more selective about what they listen
to, the option of previewing and downloading individual
tracks (also at reasonable price) is available.
(Larry Johnson)