Artist: Various Artists
Title: 7
Catalog Number: pho/7
Release Year: 2005
Format: CDR
Status: Sold Out

The seventh installment of the field recording compilation series for, will also be the final one to be produced and released by

01. BEN OWEN: Badlands 0702
02. MARK GRISWOLD: Bermuda Dawn
03. DEREK HOLZER: Nesting ground
04. HEATH YONAITES: Alkali Flies At Mono Lake
05. ROB DANIELSON: Dawn, Distant Thunder, Woodpecker
06. JFREDE: July 4, 2003, At Night In Hobbs, Slow Tin Rattle
07. DAVE KNOTT: Windmills At South Point, Hawaii
08. YANNICK DAUBY: A Stairwell In Taipei, 24.08.2004
09. THOMAS BECK: Rain On Metal
10. OMNID: Shov v1
12. JARRA: Little Stream Next To Road
13. MNORTHAM: Coastal Limestone Crack
14. JEN BOYD: A Trail Of Ants On A Thorny Plant
15. ROBERT HORTON: Light Rain Haiku
16. JONATHAN WAY: Black Bear Cubs In Fir Tree
17. DALE LLOYD: Mt. St. Helens Locusts
18. ERIC LA CASA: Italian Visitor
19. BILL THOMPSON: Hogmanay On The North Sea

Photos by Marlo Suderski, Stephen Fenton, Steve Barsotti, & Patrick McGinley.