Artist: Various Artists
Title: Compositions Using Field Recordings 2
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Track List:

01. Murmer: Liquid Solid (Condensed)
02. Rob Rowlands: Outside
03. Jon Tulchin: untitled
04. Dale Lloyd: Zazen: A Consideration Of Work
05. Cal Crawford: Held By The Visigoths And Moors
06. Yannick Dauby: Rain, Reconstructed
07. Gydja: Unseen Rain
08. v.v. (Ven Voisey): Sequel
09. Bill Thompson: Xmas '99
10. Cedric Peyronnet: KDI DCTB 053B
11. The Beige Channel: Arizona Underground
12. Sawako: Yukidoke
13. Josh Russell: Hospital Death

This is the second of a series of compilations featuring sound work by discussion forum members.
(original cover of CDR release)