Artist: Eli Neuman-Hammond
Title: 16 Recordings Of Ephemeral Percussion Ensembles
Catalog Number: and.p312
Release Year: 2019
Format: WAV / AIFF / FLAC / ALAC / AAC / MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Status:  Available
Track List:

1. Ensemble 1 (Initial Yard)
2. Ensemble 2 (Slouching Child)
3. Ensemble 3 (Bird Accompanies)
4. Ensemble 4 (Non-Shimmer)
5. Ensemble 5 (Different Surfaces)
6. Ensemble 6 (Pointy Steps)
7. Ensemble 7 (Weird Stereo)
8. Ensemble 8 (Drum Solo)
9. Ensemble 9 (Altitude, Windblown Panning)
10. Ensemble 10 (Subdued With Large Plane)
11. Ensemble 11 (Snow Cave)
12. Ensemble 12 (Muffled, Woody)
13. Ensemble 13 (Very Mysterious)
14. Ensemble 14 (Conversational)
15. Ensemble 15 (Polymetric Variations, Noisy Highway Floor)
16. Ensemble 16 (Lovely)

Plows and shovels move snow all winter, making inadvertent monuments to
the cold that outlast the season and store energy for a thermal exchange when
the right conditions are met. When it finally warms, quiet assemblages spring
into motion for a few fleeting days, as snowmelt trickles down eaves, gutters,
pallets, sidewalks. I made most of these recordings on such a day in
Providence, Rhode Island, when most of our winter snow melted.

Unlike an urban rainstorm, whose din emerges ubiquitously, these trickles
occur in isolated pockets. The rain cloud hovers impartially above the city, but
ice has coordinates. It is intimate with the forms and surfaces of the city; it
articulates the city as it melts. These apparently natural water sounds are thus
intensely cultured; they emerge unexpectedly along the contours of the urban
environment, which localize the water into many small "ensembles.”

With this musically-inflected metaphor I hope to underscore how these
recordings oscillate between musical and documentary aesthetics, a tension
uniquely brought forth by recording technologies. As with the microscope, a
microphone brings matter nearer to us at the same time as it abstracts it into
artificial relations with our senses. It describes and it argues. Vibrations are
headily amplified when they pass between kinetic and electric media. And yet
waveforms are contoured by events in the world, in fact become contours of
events, even as they fly away from them-- towards music, for instance.

- Eli N. H.

Recorded in Providence, Rhode Island in Spring 2019.
Mastered by Luke Moldof.