Artist: Dale Lloyd
Title: Know Random Events
Catalog Number: oard.p35
Release Year: 2000 / 2019
Format: WAV / AIFF / FLAC / ALAC / AAC / MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Status:  Available
Track List:

01. One
02. Two
03. Three
04. Four
05. Five
06. Six
07. Seven
08. Eight
09. Nine
10. Ten
11. Eleven

"Originally the first four parts of this work were made available on the internet via
Marc McNulty's Tiln Digital Diffusion in 2000, then later the same year a CDR
album of the entire work was released via and/OAR's parent label Overheard
And Rendered. This is essentially my first foray into composing a full-length
work in a "classic" electroacoustic / musique concrète style. The title is partially
in reference to the concept of "mindfulness" in general and as a way of
composing and listening to music." - DL